Roofing Insurance Claim Assistance

Lakeville Roofer is your local roofing company that offers a broad based insurance claim assistance program. We can help with roof repairs, including full roof replacement. If your home has suffered from storm damage, we have a specialist ready to help you maximize your property claim. We are the leading choice for roofing companies in MN, because we are not only able to install a professional grade roof for your home, but we also have the experience needed to guide you through the complicated insurance claims process. 952-649-6700

Lakeville Area Roofing Experts

Our team of experts will evaluate the storm damage to your roof and come up with a plan of action, including determining the correct amount of funds that will need to be allocated from the insurance company in order to fix your property from the damage. We will then schedule and coordinate the actual installation process according to your schedule. Throughout out the process you can expect:

*Communication that keeps you informed and allows you to be at peace knowing the project is in good hands.
*Superior workmanship
*Knowledgeable and friendly staff
*A job that is done right the first time
*High-quality roofing services
*You can depend on the use of quality materials
*Excellent customer service

Insurance Roof Repairs Claims Assistance

Insurance Roof Repairs with Peace of Mind
Our team of professional roofers has several years in the roofing industry and are able to properly identify the storm damage. The best part about the estimate, is that there is no cost to you. It is common for homeowners to be concerned about filling out property claims, because they worry that their insurance rates will increase. However, since storm damage is the result of an act of nature, the majority of insurance companies will not deem the policy holder responsible for storm damage that has incurred, such as from a hail storm. Typically, insurance rates are not raised and policies are not dropped when homeowners file insurance claims for roof repairs or a new roof due to storm damage. If you think your home has incurred storm damage to the roof and you need a roof replacement, call us today. 952-649-6700 Our team has the experienced advocates you need to work with your insurance claims adjuster to make sure the damages are addressed and you receive the maximum value for your property claim.

Local Lakeville Roofing Company you can count on!

We are the local roofing company that is here to work on your behalf in order to make the process of getting your property back pre-storm damage perfection. We will get the work done as quickly as possible and you can expect nothing but the highest quality work from our team of roofing experts. We work for you, the homeowner, not the insurance company, so we are on your side and want to help you get the best results from the insurance company regarding the storm damage to your home.

Let us help you! Please, give us a call at 952-649-6700